Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How can communication and safe driving be connected?

The US administration is thinking to prohibit vehicle drivers from sending or receiving text messages while behind the wheel. Many states have already banned texting while driving and many others are thinking to pursue them in banning such behavior. Many states have decided to impose some fines or punishments for the people found texting while driving.

Considering the dangers of TWD, the question arises that is there no possibility of communication while driving? Is there any device or application that allows the people to communicate while safe driving? Are hands-free devices useful in solving the problems of communication while driving?

An online survey carried out in six countries- United States, France, UK, Russia, Germany and Japan revealed that approx. 50% drivers use hands-free devices for safe driving and many others are heading towards their use in order to keep their life secure while driving. is such device which permits you a hands-free access to your mobile phone. It is a free mobile app which can be downloaded easily onto your mobile phone. It lets you to hear your messages and also reply to them for driving safety and compliance. Thus you can be safe as you are not using your hands and losing your concentration of eyes while communicating with your loved ones.


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