Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How can communication and safe driving be connected?

The US administration is thinking to prohibit vehicle drivers from sending or receiving text messages while behind the wheel. Many states have already banned texting while driving and many others are thinking to pursue them in banning such behavior. Many states have decided to impose some fines or punishments for the people found texting while driving.

Considering the dangers of TWD, the question arises that is there no possibility of communication while driving? Is there any device or application that allows the people to communicate while safe driving? Are hands-free devices useful in solving the problems of communication while driving?

An online survey carried out in six countries- United States, France, UK, Russia, Germany and Japan revealed that approx. 50% drivers use hands-free devices for safe driving and many others are heading towards their use in order to keep their life secure while driving. is such device which permits you a hands-free access to your mobile phone. It is a free mobile app which can be downloaded easily onto your mobile phone. It lets you to hear your messages and also reply to them for driving safety and compliance. Thus you can be safe as you are not using your hands and losing your concentration of eyes while communicating with your loved ones.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A new hands-free app will help you in safe driving

Distracted driving is a curse that is all-encompassing through the world, seizing lives and devastating families. Almost everybody would have texted or talked on phone while driving at one or many times. A recent survey suggests that about 71% people admit that they send or receive messages while behind the wheel.

Alarmed by the risks of texting while driving, many people are showing positive transforms in their attitude but still there are many people who either do not understand how hazardous this behavior can be or are keen to take that risk.

Out of all the causes of distracted driving which include eating, drinking, talking to someone or listening to music, TWD has appeared out as a major one. Keeping the hazards of TWD in view, most of the states had banned it for the sake of security of their citizens. However, hands-free devices are permitted for communication while driving. is an answer to all your problems of communication while safe driving. It is an application that allows you to listen to your messages for driving safety and compliance. However, before starting, you will have to store some messages through which the application will respond to your messages.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Is it necessary to avoid communication for safe driving?

Now, when almost all states of US are imposing ban on the cell phones use while driving, the question arises that is it necessary to avoid communication for safe driving? We are living in a very demanding world which has directed us to be fine at multitasking. But if we do not send or receive messages while driving, an extra time is needed to handle them. However, we also cannot deny the fact that texting while driving is a major cause of many accidents and it must be prohibited to secure the life of driver and all others on the road.

So what can be the solution for this problem so that we can communicate and at the same time safe driving is also assured? A perfect solution would be the use of a freshly launched app, which is a hands-free device that means you do not need to touch the phone while handling your phone. It can be easily downloaded onto your mobile phone for driving safety and compliance. It will articulate all your messages aloud and will also answer back to them through your pre-generated messages. What’s more, it won’t slow down your phone or drain battery.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Avoid multitasking for driving safety and compliance

Do you generally perform multiple tasks at once? Do you feel uncomfortable or uninhabitable without your cell phone? Are you being so busy that you use your mobile phone while driving? If the answer for above questions is yes, then you must reconsider about your habit. According to recent studies, the people who use mobile phones either for talking or texting while driving are more prone to distracted driving which in turn leads to fatal accidents.

While keeping in view the harmful consequences of TWD, it is prohibited by most of the states of US. People, who were concerned for the security of their loved ones, supported this ban widespread. Nevertheless, many have acquired hands-free devices for driving safety and compliance. is a new application launched which perfectly suits to all your requirements. It is an application which lets you to update your society relations even while driving without indulging your life in danger. It permits you to communicate by reading out all your messages clearly and answering to them. Additionally, it is a hands-free device which does not compel you to distract your concentration while driving. Moreover, its light weight would not slow down your phone battery.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Banning texting while driving to ensure the safety of drivers

Until now 25 states of US have imposed a ban on texting while driving and many are stepping further by sending youth through related lessons so they can observe the mistakes, mishaps and losses TWD can cause. The administration hopes that the realization of a danger will alleviate the enticement to send a message to a loved one while behind the wheel.
It has become a serious issue certainly. As the stats reveal that about 80% of all accidents are linked to some kind of distracted driving and TWD involves a major part of it. For the sake of everyone’s security, it becomes very necessary to ban such kind of behavior and the same is done by most of the states of US.
Since many states allow hands-free devices while driving, you may have an option to take such kind of device to communicate. is just a perfect solution to all your problems. It is a hands-free mobile app for driving safety and compliance which allows you to communicate while keeping your hands on controls and eyes on road. You can download it onto your phone for free and it will handle all your messages by conveying them to you and replying to the senders.

Friday, July 2, 2010

How to drive safely while communicating?

Mobile phone is the most widespread technology utilized for instantaneous communication these days. When the mobile phones were invented no one could even think that it can be so dangerous and its use will lead to numerous accidents. But it is true that there is always a darker side of the lustrous things and the cellular phone is no exception as well.
The unique feature of mobile phones which is known as texting has become the most dangerous feature of these phones. Texting while driving (also called TWD) is revealed out as the major cause of distracted driving which is responsible for taking out many innocent lives. But as we see sometimes it happens when we are waiting for an urgent email or sms, it becomes very difficult to resist that even if we are driving.
But it is also true that something is awfully needed for the sake of driving safety and compliance. It would be an unsurpassed thing if we can communicate without diverting our eyes or mind on the road. Regarding the needs of people, has launched a hands-free app which will pronounce your messages aloud whenever they hit on your phone. What’s more, it is a free application that can be easily downloaded onto your phone.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What can be the tools for driving safely?

Nowadays, when everyone is coping with his demanding agendas between work, home and relaxation time, persons are strained to achieve tasks in improbable atmosphere such as in their private automobiles while driving. The cell phones have become so important in the lives of many people that they want to use their phones for accomplishing several tasks. Nevertheless, it is very important to know how dangerous this conduct is.

Texting while driving which is considered as the main cause of distracted driving is now being banned by many states of US. The concerned organizations and people about the security of their loved ones are supporting these laws. However, there are many who are still avoiding these laws since for them communication means a lot.

Now the question arises what can be the tools for driving safety and compliance? Is there any solution for this so that one can communicate while safe driving? Well, yes the solution is here in the form of a free mobile app which can be easily downloaded into your phone. The name of the application is which allows you to communicate well without needing you to even touch the phone. So just download it and enjoy listening messages while driving.